Dear Fashion Kitty, Louboutin Help!

A few months ago I was on your site and fell in love with these Christian Louboutin c’est moi boots … my boyfriend is buying them for me as a one year anniversary present. I have no idea what to wear them with..can you make some suggestions? (maybe a dressy outfit and a daytime/school outfit)

Ummm … So lucky! Can you tell your boyfriend that I need a pair too 😉 These shoes are so awesome that you don’t need to do too much with the outfit, let the shoes do the talking. Here are a few looks for you to try out:

Back in black: Wear all black and a piece of statement jewelry (like giant chandelier earrings) for chic look that will totally show off your shoes. I would opt for black cigarette pants and a black sleeveless turtle neck, for a slim lengthening look.

Cool and casual: You know I love some skinny jeans, a tee, with a leather jacket. Add some simple accessories (a bracelet or a ring) and a slouchy black bag and you have yourself a styling daytime (or downtown cocktail hour) look.

Dramatic evening look: This look depends on your body type but if you are thin with skinny, long legs — I would suggest making a dramatic statement with a bubble dress.

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