Dear Fashion Kitty, Hannah Montana Movie

I hate to admit it, but I actually LIKE the clothes in the Hannah Montana Movie trailer! Now, before everyone starts on about Miley, I’m just gonna say that I’m really impartial to her, I don’t hate or love her, but I do love her dresses! Can you find them for me? I’m mad crazy about bows and jackets.

I also hate to admit it, but I like the clothes too! I couldn’t find everything she has on but I did manage to pull together a pretty good “Get the Look” list for the movie. Check out my Hannah Montana recommendations …

Get the Look: The Hannah Montana Movie

See more of my Get the Look: The Hannah Montana Movie list at ThisNext.

4 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Hannah Montana Movie”

  1. i also agree the clothing in the hannah montana movie is adorable! im in love with the yellow shirt she wears with the little floral print all over it or maybe there little tiny polka dots. any idea of how to track one like that down? heres a pic

  2. sorry guys all clothes were one of a kind pieces designed by christopher lawrence. if u want em make em urself .. its what im doing 🙂

  3. Hi guys,

    There is a school girl outfit she wears in the rockstar song – like pants and a vest, I can’t find the photos of this anywhere online and I want to get it made, any tips on finding a photo of this for the tailor?

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