Dear Fashion Kitty, Frilly Ankle Socks

I have a little bit of a dilemma, my boyfriend said he would love to see me wearing little frilly ankle socks. I would really like too but at the same time I feel maybe I would feel a little too self conscious with this look. He says that I could definately pull it off as I am petite and very cute looking even though I am now 30 years old. Is there anyway they can be worn without them being too loud and making the look more romantic rather than Lolita? What are Polly flats?

Let me knock out the easy question first “What are Polly flats?” They are actually “Polly pumps,” which are just an adorable little shoe that Betsey Johnson and Patricia Field carry (see pictures below.) Anyways those are the shoes that I wear my frilly ankle socks with.

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Now it’s time for some honesty. You really can’t wear frilly ankles socks without looking loud (wearing them with pumps and a skirt or dress) or like a child (by wearing them with Mary Janes or flats.) That’s just the truth.

If you don’t feel comfortable being a little loud then I wouldn’t wear them. It’s a loud look and to me, really can’t be considered romantic.

If you want a little “romance” with them, maybe you could match them up with a little lingerie and rock those socks in the bedroom. You know … if that’s your thing.

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  1. Maybe she could get a pair of white/coral lace tights to wear under the socks, and if the socks could be made of a lighter, more gauzy/lacy material? Paired with hot black platform booties so that the frill just peeks over the top of the bootie? And a simple black dress? And a messy, wispy bun? Makes for some great contrast, and would lend a bit of a Victorian-goth edge to keep it away from Lolita territory.

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