Dear Fashion Kitty, Fashion Inspiration Needed

I think I’m running out of some fashion inspiration, lately I have been wearing the same things almost every day. And when I go shopping I leave empty handed either because I have no money, I’m a poor college student, or nothing seemed to catch my interest. Can you help me out?

Also it kind of hard for me to find clothes, I’m not very skinny 115 lbs and very short, 4’11” with a butt and some boobs. Help me find some inspiration and recommend me something! I’m totally open to anything!

Happens to the best of us! I will start this answer out with some spring trends that I learned about at MAGIC. These trends should help you rework the clothes in your closet into something new and fashion forward.

Spectator Classics
: “Country Club” and other “sporty” looks (tennis, yachting, equestrian.) Add scarves, jockey caps, ties, big sunglasses, stripes, boat shoes, argyle, and retro oxfords into your wardrobe to master this trend.

Career Style, The “New” Dress Code
: Dressing professionally isn’t going to be seen as being stuffy and boring, its going to be seen as necessary come spring. Think suits and longer hemlines. To add some excitement with accessories add belts at the waist, structured handbags, watches, and arm fulls of bangles.

Ethnic Looks
: Travel, leisure, and globetrotting. Get this trend with ethnic prints, beading, rolled trousers with high heels, snake accessories, and feathers.

Eco-aware: Its hard to call this one a trend because hopefully the green movement is here to stay but this spring its “cool” to really show it off. Do it with wood, natural leathers, straw, wicker, macrame, cork, and the vintage faded look.

Vintage Mix-Match
: Graffiti prints, pins/buttons in clusters, eclectic thrift store look, vintage embroidered bags , scarves tied around the neck, french berets, private school “Gossip Girl” look, and summer plaids.

The Active Look: Tennis look, primary colors, feminine plastic shoes (jellies), novelty sneakers, a little touch of neon, bike shorts, Converse All-Stars in prints will be a must-have shoe, BIG floral prints, BIG watches, and other crazy accessories.

As far as recommending, I am not sure your style but I will create a look based on the Eco-Aware trend.

Also check out this post for tips on how to dress for your body type>>

0 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Fashion Inspiration Needed”

  1. This is a fine post – but the recommendations you gave her are absolutley ridiculous! She even said she is a college girl without a lot of money – and yet you give her suggestions for $7238 cuffs and $540 sunglasses? To your credit, you did put some affordable items, but you’re totally missing the point of her post!
    Shame on you.

  2. The point of the outfit is for INSPIRATION! I am not asking a college student to go out and buy this outfit. Finding a pair of aviators or a wooden cuff is easy, I wanted to to showcase items that I found attractive. To get the LOOK. Get it?

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