Dear Fashion Kitty, Dressing Age Appropriate

I have a bit of an open-ended question for you. I am a 22-year old Asian girl, but most people would guess that I’m 15. Do you have any haircut or hairstyle suggestions that would help me look more my age? (I currently have layered shoulder-length hair which I was considering getting cut into a bob of some sorts.) Also, do you have any suggestions for everyday clothes that scream “I’m 22” ?

It’s always good to look a bit younger than you actually are, but I agree with you, looking 15 when you are 22 can’t be that great. I think you are the right track with a new hair style. An edgier bob with bangs sound super cute. Often going shorter can make you look more mature. Go through magazine and pull out some looks that you like to start collecting ideas. If you have a hair stylist that you trust, you can always ask him or her for suggestions.

For the clothes, I can tell you some things to avoid …

Silly graphic tees: You know the ones you find at Kitson all the time.

– Leggings layered under skirts or dresses: This look is fine for high school kids and sometimes even for adults but if you look like you are in high school, you will have some trouble pulling off this look.

– Anything that Paris Hilton would wear: Oodles of pink, printed sweats, and all that other crap that she loves is a big no-no for looking your age.

And here are some things to add to your wardrobe to make you look older than 15 …

– Classic clothing: Instead of hoodie, go with a cashmere sweater. Instead of puffy jacket, go with a belted camel trench coat. You get my drift.

– Premium denim: Pricier jeans that are built to look good and last will help you look more your age too. If you are running around in jeans from American Eagle, people might think you look 15.

And remember, you don’t have to dress like your grandmother to look older. Just dress with some class and leave the childish stuff behind.

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