Dear Fashion Kitty, Dresses for Short Gals

I saw on TV that these long, flowing dresses will be the “thing” this summer. Is that true? I’m 5’2″ 113lbs, and busty, can I wear one without looking too short or too busty?

I am starting to buy less and less into things being “the thing.” These days all lengths are available in stores so it’s really more about what looks great on you (that’s the real “thing.”) Super long dresses don’t usually work for me so I try to stay away from them. I say that if you find one that you really love (this is reminding me of one that I fell in love with at Betsey Johnson) go ahead and try it on. After you try it on be really honest with yourself … Does it look good on you? Do you look overly busty? Are you actually going to wear it?

That’s the best way to approach it.

I will tell you this though, based on the picture above that you sent me … don’t go for the halter style maxi dresses. You will look too top heavy and short. It just won’t work.

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