Dear Fashion Kitty, Chrisrian Siriano for Payless

I’m in love with these Christian Siriano shoes, &I can’t wait to buy them in the fall! The only problem is, they’re not my style at all. I’m the ultimate girly-girl. How would you rock these?

Girl, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw these!!! Hot crap on a summer day these are hot!!! Let me catch my breath for a moment. Alright, I am composed.

I for one, want every pair (although I could live without the pair on the bottom left.) I would wear some of the pumps (specifically the left and center on the top and the bottom center) with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans, a brown leather jacket, a white tee shirt, and some ferocious eye makeup.

For you, a girly-girl — You should probably go with the blue pumps or one of the booties. Rock them with tiny floral prints, to go for that hard/soft combination. Or just buy whatever pair you want and wear them with an outfit that is a little less than girly. Imagine how much fun you will have with that?

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  1. O MY DAMN! those shoes are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Lauren you picked each one I’d rock too! we must get them! Those are serious stomping shoes! FIERCE!!!!!!

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