Dear Fashion Kitty, Budget Friendly Fashions

So I’m always reading your site. because I’m obsessed with the outfits you put together. So pretty much with the winter season ending, I need a new wardrobe for the spring. one problem: The economy puts me on a tight budget. I’m only 15 (so of course I’m living off my parents money and they don’t understand my need of fashion).

Could you put together some low budget cute outfits for me? PS. I need color. the one thing I barely have in my closet!

Everyone is suffering through this craptastic economy (so annoying.) Luckily dressing on a budget isn’t as hard as people might think. Of course it always more fun to flip through the pages of Elle and wish you could just transport those items into your closet. The reality is, we can’t. Dressing on a budget can be fun. You have to work harder at it but it’s fun. I still do it today! I rummage through sale racks, I go to Target, Loehmanns, Kohls, TJ Maxx, and I shop vintage. You can really find some good stuff and put together some expensive looking outfits.

Here a few wallet friendly outfits to get you started. You can also check out my Fabulous and Fashionable on a Budget list on ThisNext for ideas.

(I don’t know if all 15 year olds wear heels, you can easily swap these out for flats)

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