Deaf Fashion Kitty, Styling Help!

I have two items in my wardrobe, both of which I love, but neither of which I have a clue how to style in a way that is not totally cliche. One is a rag collar lace embroidered hoodie and one is a pair of seersucker shorts.

I am attaching the images- the shorts are actually Juicy, but look identical to the ones in the picture attached. I am 29 and a 5’4 hourglass shaped size 4. I have a bohemian-preppy kind of aesthetic, and would love to see what you can come up with- please help!

For the shorts it’s kind of hard not to go cliche. Shorts like these beg for a nautical look. I tried to update it to suit your taste with a cool headband and some fun bracelets. I really like the Stella McCartney top because it’s casual but stylish and the short sleeved open cardigan is the perfect piece to pull it all together.

For the top, it’s pretty impossible not to go casual with it. I styled it up with a long bohemian style skirt and some fun accessories.

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