Dear Fashion Kitty, Roxy and Volcom Bag Help

I found these bags I like but I don’t know where to get them from I know the brands and Roxy and one bag is Volcom. I was looking on Google images so I never saw the site.

I live in New Zealand, and some American sites don’t send over here and I haven’t seen them in surf shops over here. So do you know where I could get them from?? Or for bags similar?

Well it looks like the first bag is long gone on Roxy. You may want to try ebay or you can check out some of the sites that carry Roxy as well. I would actually recommend trying to love another Roxy logo bag or just checking back at surf shops until one you love comes out. For what its worth, I really like this one.

To get the look of second bag, I would go with any of the following …

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