Dear Fashion Kitty, Lime Green

I am loving lime green lately- I’ve been purchasing tons of pieces in this particular color, in preparation for the new season. I want it to be bold, and I already bought a semi-formal lime green dress for an upcoming occasion.

The only problem is: I have NO idea how to accessorize. I’ve tried pearls but it seems to clash- would a big statement necklace be an option? Should I wear wedges, or heels? And should I go for neat and styled or wild hair?

Lime green is a fun color, good choice. Lime green is a tough one to accessorize and as you found, it rejects sweet stuff like pearls on most occasions. Let me see if I can help.

Its a funky color so I would go with a funkier look. Strappy evening sandals, dark nails, slick and simple hair, statement necklace, and a zippy little clutch should do the trick.

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