Deaf Fashion Kitty, Bag Help

I am a high school student and at my school we have to wear uniforms but we can wear jewelery and things like that.

I am a fan of Gossip Girl and I love fashion. I have been looking on the computer at Gossip Girl clothing and bags and stuff and I wanted to get a new bag or two for school that could fit stuff I need for school in but still looking super styley.. so I need a bit of help..

I like a bag that was seen on Gossip Girl with Jenny, I was wanting to know where I could get it from if you know and if you think its a nice bag? And if they are any over bags that you have seen that would be good for school?

I really like Jenny’s style off Gossip Girl and some of it is similar to my own so is they anything you could recommend to me that’s similar to hers like jewelery and things like that and same online shops for them??

Girl, you gave me a lot of information 😉 Let me see if I can help … Do I like the bag picture with Jenny, yes? Do I know where you can get it? No, it’s pretty old (from season 1 I believe.) However, I can help you find some stylish alternatives. They might not all be Jenny worthy but I definitely think they are cool.

And finally the jewelry! Jenny wore a lot … I mean a lot of Tarina Tarintino. Here jewelry is pretty pricey (for costume jewelry) but it’s way cute and will give you a good idea of what to look for. She also wears jewelry from Alex + Chloe, so you can look at their boutique for some options too. Another option, which is way more affordable is Nine West. You would be surprised at the number of accessories that Jenny wears comes from there.

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