Dear Fashion Kitty, Party Attire

My friend is having her 18th birthday this July (too far along, I know). I just want to get ready for it beforehand. The theme of her party is a toss between a hippie-boho themed one and a classic glamour one. And she has mentioned letting her guests wear ombre. Is ombre still in? What is the difference between ombre and tie-dye. And how would you wear it? And if she does choose the classic glamour, what do you think I should wear? I’m really counting on your help again. Sorry for the bother, but thanks so much!

Wow! You are planning ahead. My guess is that ombre/tie-dye (ombre is more of color progression from light to dark with dye and tie-dye is tied off giving you more pattern with the dye) won’t be “in” next summer. However, since this is a theme party, you might be able to get away with it. I have a few outfits in mind for you, one for hippie-boho and one for classic glamour. I am sure both looks will be great for you no matter which theme your friend chooses.


Classic Glamour: You have to go Audrey, please go Audrey

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