FashionKitty’s Recent Purchases

I always tell myself that I will slow down on the shopping. Honestly, I really think I have … kinda. I can’t resist a deal, okay? Here is what I have purchased in the last few weeks:

Recent Kitty Buys

Louis Vuitton Agenda: I have been in love with this agenda for like a year (seriously) and since I got a little surprise in my PayPal account, I decided that now was the time. Unfortunately it was sold out on eluxury (I mean, it was a year ago) BUT they had it on ebay. Now ebay terrifies me. I am so afraid of getting scammed, that I never buy anything off of the site. I had a good feeling about this one, so I took the plunge. The item was totally wonderful and totally authentic. I am totally in love with my first LV.

Stella McCartney for Adidas running shoes: I just picked these up today during my lunch break! I went in hoping they had these gold shoes (which were sold out on online.) They didn’t have them in the store so I ended up getting these, which were on sale for $90. They are cute, stylish, and will be perfect for my morning runs. My 6 year old New Balances weren’t cutting it. They also had these adorable shoes on sale for $45. I almost got those too but I used the money saving side of my brain and walked away.

Whitley Kros Fed Up Jeans: Bought these suckers on HauteLook last week and used my $50 gift card (making them virtually free.) They came last night and I love them. I got them one size up, which I am kind of regretting now. I wanted to get that baggy boyfriend look but the look didn’t go as planned. Since these are 100% cotton I will just shrink em and call it a day.

So what have you bought lately?

One thought on “FashionKitty’s Recent Purchases”

  1. hey kitty! perhaps if i air out my purchases, i will feel less guilty:

    + opening ceremony cut-out oxfords (on sale I swear)
    + steven alan button-down since I can’t afford BOY Band of outsiders
    + blue + black sequin scoopneck vintage-looking top (aka the most glamorous thing I now own) from What Comes Around Goes around sample sale
    + uniqlo purple jeans
    + rapscallion/ samantha pleet red silk top from urban (on super sale)

    oh man, just looking at this tells me i need to plan for the recession better…

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