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This morning I stumbled upon this photo gallery called Tattoos of Brand Logos on AOL’s LemonDrop where I saw my own back on one of the slides!

From …

We may love fashion, but these people took their label love to the next level: They inked their favorite designers, fashion lines and logos onto their bodies … forever. Talk about brand loyalty!

They could have at least used an updated picture of the tattoo …

One commenter did separate me from the fools on the gallery (like the fool with the GIANT Nike Swoosh on his back) by pointing out that my tattoo isn’t so bad — it’s a completely normal rose.

“ilike the besty johnson tattoo becuase htat is a rose. to me a rose is normal compared to the other ones. i wonder if the clothes would have been cheaper.”

Of course, this post has only made me start planning my next tattoo. Thank you AOL’s LemonDrop.

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