Dear Fashion Kitty, Sock Obsession

I have a new fashion obsession: socks! I’ve recently bought a pair of gray knee-high socks and are planning to add more (ankle socks with quirky prints and uh, more knee socks) only problem is, I don’t know how to wear them that wouldn’t clash my outfit. Help me?

I have a slight sock obsession too! Here are some ways to wear them:

– Over the knee socks: Are great for wearing with mini dresses and skirts. Wearing a chunkier heel or even a boot is best, that will keep you from looking like a hooker.

– Knee socks: I like wearing knee socks over top of opaque tights. It give them an updated/super-cool look without looking all immature.

– Ankle socks: I have some really cute ankle socks from Betsey Johnson that have lace accents on the ankles, I love wearing those with little pumps (especially with Polly Pumps.) You of course need to wear this look with a cute frilly dress or a skirt for maximum impact.

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  1. Can you give more example. I, too, love thigh and knee socks but I have NO idea how to pull them off. Now I wear them under jeans… It’s very sad… 🙁


  2. The over the knee sock look is totally cute on some (such as yourself) but not for me unfortunately. I love the outfit Isla is wearing in that pic!

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