Dear Fashion Kitty, Snagging Serena’s Style

I want to know what are the main clues to wear like Serena Van der Woodsen. Or even more than only the main clues 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

If you want to snag Serena’s style you will need to channel your inner Kate Moss (Serena’s style is often inspired by Kate.) Think glamorous hippie …

Te Casan by Fay Baldock Women's Fenny Boot

Boots, boots, boots: Serena always rocks tall boots. She usually goes for flat boots or ones with a thicker heel.

Show off that bod: Serena is constantly showing off her bod (often a little too much.) Show some skin and some shape with mini skirts and skinny jeans.

Jackets: Serena loves to layer with jackets. Go with fitted blazers, soft leather jackets, and unique cardigans to get the look.

Big bags: Serena likes to look glam in a casual and easy way. A great way to do this is with a luxurious and beautifully made over-sized bag.

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