Dear Fashion Kitty, School Uniform Help!

Okay so I go to a REALLY good school filled with snobby rich kids and in order to make the rich kids less snobbish, the school started a dress code so the poorer (me) students wouldn’t be seen wearing Kohls and the rich in coach, DKNY and Marc Jacobs. While I do appreciate the effort somehow the manage look glamorous in the uniform anyway. Our uniform is landens and a single color polo shirt with tan, navy or any iteration of plaid skirts or unfitting tan pants or a button down blouse that must be tucked into the skirt resulting in you skirt going past your knees (we roll the skirts).

Do you have any idea how to de-uglify the outfits a little. There is no other limitation except shoes must be closed toe. Help I’m only 13 but suffering majorly here and in high school it will be worse cause the uniform allows more “freedom” so more designer crap help!!!

Well if that isn’t fashion drama, then I don’t know what is! But fear not, I think we can handle this. If a show like Gossip Girl can make school uniforms look totally hot, then I think we can do it too. Shall we?

Yes we shall.

First of all, ain’t no shame in your game for bargain shopping. I have done some of my best shopping when I am on a budget. In fact, it’s more fun and you don’t have to starve at the end of each month when you accidentally buy a Gucci bag instead of groceries.

Before I put together some looks for you, let’s go over the items that you can buy to spice up your uniform:

Tights: You can get these at Target in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. Tights are an easy way to update a boring outfit. In fact, I am wearing leopard print tights right now.

Shoes: Go for fun ballet flats in fun colors and patterns.

Layers: Wear a cardigan or a blazer over your blouse. Or try a long sleeved tee underneath your polo shirt. Add a crinoline under your plaid skirt if you are really daring.

Accessories: Ditch your backpack and carry an extra large purse. Style yourself up with jewelry. Rock a headband or a unique hairstyle.

Look #1:

Look #2:

Look #3:

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  1. Brilliant! Where were you when I was in private school? Yeeesh. I love how you created awesome outfits at really affordable prices.

  2. thanks while some would defifantely push dress code im am tryign them all this week!!!! you are so awesome to answer this like the seocnd i asked 😀

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