Dear Fashion Kitty, Rockin’ Workout Clothes

You are amazing and if anyone can help me, you can! I have an alternative style… rocker chic…if you will. And I want to carry my style into the gym! Where can I find me some rocking workout gear? Hope you can help!!

I am so glad I am not the only person who uses my workout time as another opportunity to be fashionable! Of course I can help you.

I would start by choosing a palette of mostly black and white, then sprinkle in your favorite accent color (I would do hot pink or lime green, personally.) Then go from there. Minor accessories like wrist bands and headband can make a major difference, when it comes to adding edge. I recommended some products that I think will help you achieve your look. And one final thought, don’t under estimate the power of the Hanes A-shirt — edgy, inexpensive, workout wonder.

Rockin' Workout Gear for Gals

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