Dear Fashion Kitty, Maxi Dresses

I’m petite (4ft 11 ins). I love the Maxi dresses, but I feel they may overwhelm my small frame. Do you think petite girls can pull of the maxi dress, and if so, do you have any brands that have petite sizes?

To quite honest with you, maxi dresses just don’t work for the petite. I am 5′ 5″ (without heels) and I can’t even wear maxi dresses without looking like a swallowed up fool. If you do want to try out a few to see if they work on you it looks like Velvet and Tart have maxi dresses that are petite. My advice to you is, if you love it … give it a shot BUT it’s probably best to wear dresses that show off your figure instead of overwhelming it.

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