Dear Fashion Kitty, (the last time I answer this question) The City Shoes

I see that a recent reader were looking for a black shoe from the opening credits of The City. I am looking for this shoe as well. Pictures are attached. I found a similar shoe on but they are suede. Can you find some that are not that material.

Ooook! The answer that about a million readers are waiting for (seriously, I think 50 people have asked me about these shoes in the past two months) …

Steven Bryant

I am 99% sure that the shoes are by Steven Bryant. I know that Whitney wore these shoes during her apartment hunt so I can only assume that they are from the opening credits too. You can buy them at Zappos for $139.

If those shoes don’t for it for you … A similiar shoe was found by a reader (but it is sold out) on Bebe (you can see those shoes here) And one reader found a similiar pair by Loeffler Randall (check them out here.)

To read my past responses and similar options to these shoes please click here and here.

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