Dear Fashion Kitty, Hair Cut Help

I love the haircut, it’s fierce! I keep wanting to update my look and do something similar, but wanted to ask you about the cut- is it high maintenance? I don’t want to be stuck in the salon every week to keep it fresh. I’m a girl who loves the low maintenance wear of a weave, although I have great hair, I just hate doing it all the time and want to look fresh. Let me know how it’s been.

Girl, I am about to shave my damn head … I am so annoyed with my hair. I will agree with you, my hair can look fierce BUT that is after someone else has been working on it. My hair is a pain in the ass to take care of. I can’t just wash it and go. I can’t even wash, dry it, and go. I have to wash it, dry it, flat iron/curling iron it, wrap it, and slather it with product. I am dying for low maintenance hair and am on a mission in March to get it. I will keep you all posted on how it goes.

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