Dear Fashion Kitty, Get the Gossip Girl Look

I’m IN LOVE with the Gossip Girl fashion from the show and I was wondering if I could put some stylish outfits together with stuff already from in my closet?

Also I would really like to dress more french and stuff, any ideas? :)xoxo

Well, considering I have no idea what you have in your closet, this post may not answer your question BUT I will do my best. I am assuming that since you want to dress more french, then the Gossip Girl style you are trying to replicate is Blair Waldorf ‘s. So with all of those assumptions in mind … Here is how you can get the look.

To get Blair’s Gossip Girl look, make sure your closet has the following pieces (I am sure it already has more than a few of these):

Burberry Prorsum Gold buttoned trench coat

– A classic trench coat. Blair is always channeling Audrey Hepburn with her classic cut trench coats. Go for khaki, black, navy or red to really capture Blair’s Look.

– Pencil skirts. Nothing is more put together than a girl in a pencil skirt. Blair has about a million of them and you should incorporate a few into your wardrobe as well.

Jennifer Ouellette Turban Headband

– Flats. Blair isn’t a heels girl, 9 times out of 10 you will catch her in stylish little flats.

– Headbands. You don’t get much more Gossip Girl than this. Wear some wide headbands or thin ones with bows to really score the look.

– Funky tights. Even if you don’t have these in your closet, they are really cheap to buy. Go to Target and go wild.

Some other pieces that you want to have are classics; like a little black dress, a white button down, and even a little black beret. Here is a look I put together that is easy to create and hopefully captures that Gossip Girl look that you are after.

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