Dear Fashion Kitty, Fashionable Rain boots

Do you have any suggestions for some nice rain boots? Spring is coming fast (even here in Canada) and I want to find a good pair of rain boots that will help get through all the rain we’ll be getting soon. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but I do have a few things in mind. I don’t want something that will look childish or with a pattern that I’ll get bored in a few months. But all the “simple” colored ones look so boring. So any suggestions?

I love rain boots! I never really have much use for them because it rarely rains in LA, although its been pouring here the past few days 🙁 Here are a few of my favorites and if you don’t like any of those, check out this link (there are a ton to choose from.)

From my choices below, my personal favorite are the white studded rain boots by Burberry … you know if I had the money to buy luxury rain boots. My second (and more affordable) favorite are the leopard print rain boots from Aldo.

Fashionable Rainboots

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  1. those are adorable rain boots! i’ve also found that target has some really cute ones for around $20, for those who wont use them much. And i’m right with you on wanting those burberry ones!

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