Dear Fashion Kitty, Broadway Style

I consider myself somewhat fashion savvy, but I need some help. I’ll be in New York City in late March and I’ll be attending two Broadway shows. One will be a Friday night performance, the other a Sunday matinee. I don’t want to dress overly casual, but I don’t want to overdo it either. Obviously the evening performance will be a little dressier, but how far do I go? I’m even more stumped on the matinee. I need some inspiration!! Thanks!

I haven’t been to a Broadway show in years. The last time I saw a Broadway show was in high school! I saw Cats and I totally fell asleep halfway through (yeah, I’m classy like that.) I don’t remember what I wore but the advice I will give you today is to take as far as you want. I mean it’s Broadway, I say that gives you a free pass to dress up the way you want to. Of course, I will give you some suggestions but I definitely say now is the time to wear that awesome dress in your closet that you were always a little scared to wear.

Matinee look: Go with a lady-like secretary top, skinny jeans, and a fierce blazer. Accessorize with a great pair of round toe shoes, pearls, and a fun clutch.

Evening look: If you are going to be out on the town in NYC, then go big. Wear a hot little black dress and dress it up to suit your personal style.

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