Dear Fashion Kitty, Boyfriend Jeans

Since you said boyfriend jeans are a total must. How you wear them? Shall I wear them like Katie Holmes did? Should I go for fitted tops and what shoes do I go for? Slippers?

Boyfriend jeans are a total must! I am wearing a pair right now. You can definitely wear them with little flats like Katie Holmes but I prefer heels. On the top a fitted top isn’t necessary but it is a nice way to show your feminine side. Here are a couple of outfits to get you inspired.

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  1. I love these outfits! But I was wondering where I could find more affordable bf fit jeans since I’m not the richest of girls and can spend $200 on a pair haha

  2. Borrow your boyfriend or brother’s jeans, go to Goodwill or good to Levi’s … they have pretty affordable ones.

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