Dear Fashion Kitty, Borrowed From The Boys

I really love this “just-borrowed-from-my-boyfriend” trend (the boyfriend jeans and all) but I sort of want to have the authenticity, you know, like things actually from my boyfriend. He’s really got nice trendy clothes anyway so I guess it’s fine.

What are some of the things that I should raid from his closet? Maybe except his jeans because he’s so much taller than me and might throw a fit when I have them tailored, lol. Thanks again! More power to what you do.

I too love the “Just-Borrowed-From-My-Boyfriend” trend. Having an actual boyfriend to steal from does make the trend much more cost effective too 😉 Here are 8 pieces that you can easily steal from your man.

Dear Fashion Kitty: Borrowed From The Boys

Boyfriend Jeans: Go right to the source and steal your bf’s jeans. If they are too long, just roll them up — they look better that way anyways.

A-Shirt: Or a “wife beaters”, whatever you choose to call them, are totally useful. You can wear them underneath skimpy dresses for a more casual look or with a great fitting pair of jeans.

Cashmere Sweater: Sweaters don’t always have to be skin tight. Borrow from your boy for a stylish and casual look.

Cardigan: If your man rocks a cardigan, this is a prime piece to steal. Looks great with skinny jeans and super-high heels.

Hanes V-Neck Shirts: A got a 5 pack of these tees from Target and it was indeed money well spent. Steal from your man or spend $9 at Target.

White Button Down: Wear it as a dress or open with a tight top and leggings. I got mine at Target for super cheap.

Aviators: The unisex or men’s style often look better than the girly aviators, trust me.

Wristwatch: The boyfriend watch is a classic for women. Always stylish and sexy.

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