Dear Fashion Kitty, Boots Help!

I am fairly laid back, casual, simple. I’ve attached images of the boot style, boot color and possible black skinny jeans I’m thinking of getting.

Right now I’m just wearing the boots with black leggings, and I definitely plan on getting a pair of skinny black jeans for them (actually, I’m gonna go shopping right now lol), but as for tops/accessories/dresses/skirts I’m kind of at a loss.

#1 Boot Style
#2 Boot Color

Hmmm … I actually wouldn’t wear them with black skinny jeans. I mean you could, but I think there are better options. The black jeans will make the brown color pop a little too much and will break up the line too much. For jeans, I think you need to go with dark blue skinny jeans or some distressed skinny jeans from Current/Elliot. Let me give you a couple of looks to get you started.

I can also see those boots with a laid back dress like this one from Free People.

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