Dear Fashion Kitty, Blair’s Orange Dress

***Update*** One of my lovely readers found out that the dress is from Christian Dior’s 2009 Resort Collection.

I was wondering if you knew where to get the gorgeous coral/orange colored dress “Blair Waldorf” wore during the scene at the opera during the “You’ve Got Yale” episode. I need a 21st bday dress and that one is perfect. Thank you so much!

Oh no! You’ve stumped the kitty. Can anyone help this reader find her 21st birthday dress? Leave it in the comments if you can, while I keep looking.

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  1. Seeing that I am a Gossip Girl addict with severe fashion issues and a major crush on Blair’s wardrobe, I immediately stalked this dress following the episode.

    The dress is by Christian Dior and is apart of his Resort ’09 collection.

    Oooo! And an extra little tip for all you GG fans and fashion lovers… has TONS of info on the fashion from GG and other shows as well!

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