Dear Fashion Kitty, Beach Fashion

Despite living on a tropical country, I have not yet gone to the beach ’til this Feb. I’m going with my special someone and being a beach virgin, I have no idea what to wear.

– The beach during the day (nice cover-ups because I don’t think I can really bare myself in a bikini all day)

-Beach at night, dinner with my love(sort of formal-ish if that’s possible)

-Beach at night, parties

-Nice bikinis

If someone were taking me to the beach this month, I would go dressed in a sleeping bag! My bikini bod needs a few more months before it’s ready for tiny pieces of fabric 😉 But enough about me … let’s get you ready for the beach!

Look #1: Day look (with a DKNY 2 in 1 cover-up)

Look #2: Dinner date

Look #3: Night/Party look … At night, you are going to be too cold to dress around your bikini. Just wear cute going out clothes (with sandals) and wear your bikini underneath.

Look #4: Cute bikinis

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