Deaf Fashion Kitty, Tea Party Style

I will be graduating from college next June and I was thinking about wearing a tea-party dress and yes, it´s a lovely Betsey Johnson number. Ball gowns are not really my style at all, and even when most of the girls will be wearing long dresses I was wondering if I am really committing a crime by wearing my heart on my sleeve?

Anyway, the city were I live in it´s not very “trendy” so even when there are some gorgeous girls most of them look so-not-as-pretty-as-they-are in cheap (100 dollars) satin dresses. Please help.

Betsey Johnson Evening Lace Strapless Tiered Dress

Nope! Ball gowns are silly and overrated, wear your Betsey tea-party dress (or as I call them, cupcake dresses) and wear it proudly. You will be happier and way more comfortable than your classmates in their stuff and cheap ball gowns.

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