My Current Obsession: Closet Couture

You all may have noticed that my Clothes Off My Back section looks a bit different. Gone are the days of seeing my clothes thrown in a pile on my hardwood floor, and so are those pictures of me taking a picture of myself (those are fun but not always convenient) because now I have a virtual closet. Yeah, like Cher on Clueless! Now I can upload photos from my wardrobe and create outfits online. It’s a little bit of work to get started but it’s totally worth it!!

The site is called Closet Couture. It’s a fashion social networks where you can manage your own wardrobe and share it with your friends. You can also pose questions in forums, browse retailers wardrobes and your friends wardrobes — you can virtually share clothes if you so choose.

I got started by trolling the internet for pieces that I already have in my wardrobe and uploaded them on CC (Closet Couture.) After that I went into my closet and started snapping and cropping photos. I have over 300 pieces in my virtual closet but you better believe I still have a long way to go. I am a girl with a LOT of clothes.

Sign up and give it a shot. You will find that is terribly addicting. I mean, you can plan tomorrow’s outfit without standing in front of your closet in agony, thinking “I have nothing to wear!” That’s a real treat people, recognize.

3 thoughts on “My Current Obsession: Closet Couture”

  1. I just joined and it looks pretty addicting! I am uploading some pics, and when i get my camara back (i left it in my hometown, Coruña, Spain and right now i am in Barcelona) i will start uploading all my closet!
    Really helpfull! Tahnks!
    Btw: I love your blog!

  2. OK, WHY would you put this on the internet for people like me to see?? I’m already pressed for time, and so now I’m going to have to wake up a bit earlier just to visit closet couture because it’s THE BEST THING I’VE READ ABOUT THIS YEAR (Besides anything related to Obama)!!!

    Thanks for sharing this info, but I’m still upset at you for shortening my sleep.

    I’m heading upstairs with my camera now…

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