I Did It For The Leotard

Let me just be up front about something, 2009 has freaking sucked for me! This year bites. This year was supposed to be my year but instead this year balled up it’s fists and punched me in the face. With that being said, I’ve been making an effort to keep busy, very busy. You know, to keep my mind from totally escaping my skull.

Part of that effort has included expanding my fitness horizons. On Saturday I went to Your Neighborhood Studio and took a class. The class rocked and totally made me sore today … I will definitely be taking more classes there. Today, I went to Kinetic Theory aka Circus Class. It was awesome. Basically you get to play for an hour and a half. You get to play on the trapeze, hoops, and those silky Cirque de Solei type ribbons. I got one heck of a workout and had a blast.

Peace Love and Spandex- Blue/Black Swirls Turtleneck Leotard

Since I had so much fun I decided to sign up for the session so I can circus it up every Sunday. But I have to admit, there was a fashion related motive behind my decision … leotards!!! They strongly suggest that you rock a leotard (to keep from getting rope burn, etc.) I have always dreamed of rocking a leotard and tights as an adult. So I set out on a mission after class … to find leotards and lots of them.

So I went to this dance supply store and was ready to suit up. Too bad that leotard store sucked. It was junky and the leotards were boring. When I got home I went on a mission to find an adorable leotard. Well leave it to me to do that and I got one from Peace Love and Spandex. Hot right? I am going to ask the designer to make me some more because you know I have to make a fashion statement everywhere I go.

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