The Hunt for “The City” Shoes

Last week a question I answered a question about Whitney Port’s shoes on “The City.” Only problem was, I could only see part of the shoe. Well I have gotten a lot of feedback from readers (thanks guys.) One helpful reader emailed me the full picture of the shoes and another reader actually found the shoes online at Bebe. Sure, there is a chance those aren’t the exact same shoes but if you ask me … they are.

Again if I find the 100% real pair of shoes I will let everyone know but again, I am starting to think the Bebe ones are it.



4 thoughts on “The Hunt for “The City” Shoes”

  1. There’s also a similar pair on forever 21’s website… Kimmie Ankle Cuff Pump. They don’t fit as snug around the ankle though, and they’re a pain to get on, but they’re only a little over $20.

  2. I dont think that they are the bebe ones, b/c those are open toe, and the ones that she wears are closed toe. If anyone finds them… the link!

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