Dear Fashion Kitty, Winter Formal

Hey, Fashion Kitty!

First, love your blog. Fun, quick, easy to read. Love it!

Anyway, I need help finding a dress for my winter formal. It’s semi-formal (girls have to wear dresses, guys have to wear button ups, ties, dress pants, shoes…). My everyday style is a bit preppy, a bit classic, a bit ”Paris”… I live in cardigans, love scarfs. I shop at J. Crew, Nordstrom, Saks, with the occasional piece from Urban Outfitters. Body type wise, I have a bigger bust (okay, not bigger, really big), a small waist, and an average bum and hips. I wore a Nanette Lepore dress to homecoming (it was black, purple…. can’t really describe it without making it seem heinous). My budget is about $500, but less is always lovely. Any ideas? I feel like I’ve looked everywhere, but haven’t found.

I am always a fan of a halter style dress for the busty because it gives you some much needed support. It’s always good to show off a bit of your assets (no need to put a turtle neck on) while still keeping it tasteful.

I styled a couple of look with my personal favorites and below that are some other options under $500 for you. Have fun at the dance.

Look #1- Champagne and The Upper East Side: I went with a classic champagne colored dress, which is accessorized in a really elegant way. Then I Blair Waldorfed it up with a Jennifer Ouelette headband.

Look #2- A Dark Night In Paris: A classic and beautiful black dress paired with some Paris worthy feathers and shawl. Wear red lipstick with this look and you will be super-chic.

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