Dear Fashion Kitty, Weight Loss Wardrobe Upgrade

I’m a college student from the Philippines (a tropical country) and I have quite a tricky problem that I’d know you can easily get through.

My high school batch are going to have a small get-together at the end of this month and I have no idea what to wear. You see, I used to be really heavy then and all I ever wore were t-shirt, jeans and Chuck Taylors. I have a lost almost 38 lbs. now but I still am very clueless about fashion. So I was hoping you could help me pick out clothes for my new body. I really want to surprise my friends with the new me. Thanks so much.

First of all congratulations on your weight loss! It’s hard work to take 38lbs off, so you definitely deserve a wardrobe upgrade.

Here is what I suggest first … go shopping! Go to all of the places you always wanted to go and just try stuff on. Get a feel for what your new size is and what shapes/ cuts make you feel like a million bucks.

I am not sure what kind of get together your friends are having but here are two outfits (one casual, one a little more dressy) that will help show off your new shape. Speaking of shape … these outfits may not work for you, they are just ideas. So be sure to focus on the best part of your new bod. If you know have amazing arms show them off. If it’s your legs that are making you super-proud then show them off. You get the gist.

This casual outfit is great for a get together with friends! The bootcut jeans will elongate your legs, plus a brand new great fitting pair of jeans always makes me feel hot. The ruffled gray top isn’t skin tight but is clingy enough to show off your new shape and the v-neck is slimming. You gotta ditch the Chucks and put on some heels to look even slimmer. Add a few accessories to show them that you are “with it.”

When in doubt, throw on a wrap dress. They are always flattering and they make getting dressed much easier.

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