Dear Fashion Kitty, True Religion Pants

I recently found these really cute corduroy pants from True Religion. The problem is… what exactly can I where it with. The one I have is a dark brown with all of the same patches.
Thank you!

I won’t lie, these pants aren’t going to be easy to style. I once bought a pair of True Religion patched bell bottoms with a flower patch on the leg. The jeans are super comfortable (I still wear them) but they are my weekend pants … those jeans have never seen a weekday.

For example …

What I suggest you do with these pants is to keep it as simple as possible. My go-to outfit for my patch jeans is one of the following … a Hanes wife beater and Havaianas OR a Rachel Pally tube top and Havaianas. Since your pants are cords (meaning you will be wearing them in the winter) you are going to need to throw a boyfriend cardigan or a hoodie into the mix.

In conclusion, you can’t dress these up — so dress them down in the most fashionable way possible.

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