Dear Fashion Kitty, Themed Parties

I was wondering if you could help me look for red pointed patent flats to go with my new Betsey Johnson dress I just bought. If you could suggest other shoes that’d go with it, it would be very nice too. And can you please give me an idea of how Chinese girls dress. I have to attend this Asian-themed party and I don’t know what look to go for. Thanks so much.

And hey, I honestly think that you have awesome, genius taste in fashion. Have you ever thought of taking it to the next level. Like, I don’t know, be a stylist or something. Or are you already one? I just think that you’d make it big.

Alright … let’s get these questions answered. First, the shoes. I really like these red patent flats FitzWell, they are really affordable too. As for other shoe suggestions, as soon as I saw them I immediately thought about my new Giuseppe’s. The beauty of a LBD is that pretty much any shoe goes. Play with colors, shapes, and straps … just have fun with.

On to the Asian-themed party. Since it’s a themed party we can kinda play up stereotypes, even stereotypes that don’t make sense or that in any other setting could be slightly offensive. Here is that I would wear.

A kimono dress, hair in a bun with some cute chopsticks in it, little red bow lips, an Asian inspired embroidered bag, and some hot shoes (it is a part after all.) Or when in doubt, dress like Hello Kitty 😉

And for your final question. I like to call myself an online stylist 😉 But no, seriously being a stylist is like my ultimate dream career so thank you for the very sweet words. Working towards that ultimate career is my big goal for ’09.

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