Dear Fashion Kitty, Swimwear Dilemma

I have a fashion emergency. Would you help me by giving me some recommendations please?

I have to prepare my outfit for going to the beach, the problem is, I am wearing a vail, which means that all my outfit has to be long sleeved, long trouser, and so on. I even have to cover my head and my neck just like women used to do in the 50’s to cover their hair from the wind.

I love Blair Waldorf’s style, so preppy, cute, and polished. I avoid looking like the people from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. But I am trying to look like people from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. If i am not wearing a vail, I’d consider my beach or summer style as deauville sport meets palm beach chic.

FYI, I am 17 years old, I am 5 feet, 2 inch tall, and I weigh about 110 pounds. My body type is pretty normal, but i have a huge butt and huge thighs.

This is quite a question, I am gonna try my very best to answer it well. The look I am picturing for you is a classy and classic resort look. I have chosen two looks for you – one is a more palm beach chic look and the other is a preppy-nautical look.

With this look that I created, the wide wide legged trousers will balance out your bottom half. The white tunic with a bit of gold trim gives the top a little excitement but accessories are really key here. Over-sized shades, a huge necklace, a great beach bag, and sandals.

This look is a little more preppy and Blair with a colorful Pucci top, retro sunglasses, and a crisp pair of white pants.

I really hope these outfits were helpful! Have fun at the beach.

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