Dear Fashion Kitty, Shoes from The City

I adore your blog and knew it was the right place to go for a question that’s been haunting me for some time – in the new shoe The City, Whitney Port wears this adorable pair of black heels that have thick ankle straps on them. You can get a glimpse of it during the opening credits of the show, as well as in the first episode when she is on a date with Jay in the meatpacking district and is wearing a black dress with an open back.

I have been looking for it everywhere online and cant find it. Even if you can tell about any similar type of shoes with the same thickness of the ankle strap that would be awesome! Thanks so much!!

I haven’t seen The City but looked on You Tube for a clip to find the shoes. The only part of the shoe I could see was the ankle strap so my shoe recommendations for you are just based on that ankle strap — no clue if any of these shoes are right. If anyone has a picture of the shoes please send them to me and I will re-start the hunt.

5 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Shoes from The City”

  1. For a very low price alternative, I would try or (I think that’s the one). They typically have all the new trends w/very low prices.

  2. 99% sure they’re the Manolo Blahniks. You can see them better in the opening credits video you posted, only when she’s sitting down with a woman at the beginning in the DVF building- it’s a far shot but no mistaking them.

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