Dear Fashion Kitty, School Dance Dress

Hey, I love your blog (that’s obviously why i am writing to you, for your help!) So, I have a high school dance coming up, the dress code is more formal, however I would prefer I shorter style dress. I am searching for one $150 or under. Can you help me with a few suggestions? I am trying to stand out a little, in a crowd of dresses from the mall!

The timing on this question is actually pretty hilarious (probably only to me.) I was over at my friends house on Saturday and her family had mailed her all of her old school dance dresses — they were awful. I am talking feathers, velvet … bad stuff.

Point of that story is that I want to help you not cringe when your family one day mails you your dresses or shows you pictures 10 years later. I personally like the idea of going with a black dress, then going wild with accessories but I have given you some other options too.

Under $150 Black Dresses:
I personally like the Nanette Lepore the best

Under $150 Wild Dresses: Some of these are a bit out there (even for me) but you said you wanted to stand out.

Under $150 Classic Dresses: Pretty dresses with a classic twist

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  1. I own the Nanette Lampore dress! It made me look fabulous. I absolutely love it! Any somewhat fancy occasion that comes my way, I’m wearing it just to wear it again. No questions asked.

  2. thank you! i love the exposed tulle dress, its not my size online though 🙁 i’ll have to find something like it. thanks again!

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