Dear Fashion Kitty, Mackage Leane

I just purchased the Mackage Leane in black. While I am extremely excited to own such a uniquely crafted jacket, I can’t help but wonder if the sleeve style has longevity. Is the bell sleeve a temporary thing or is it here to stay around for a while? Since it is a leather jacket, will the style last longer than if it was a bell sleeve shirt? Thanks for your response in advance.

Oh yeah, that style is all wrong you should send me that leather jacket ASAP. Kidding, of course! That is a great leather jacket that overall has a very classic shape to it. Sure the sleeves bell out of a little but that’s what makes the jacket unique. It is actually not a trendy shape it’s just different … cool different and that never goes out of style.

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  1. This is a super cute jacket. I’m looking for it on sale to purchase. I think the bell sleeves aren’t over done and just add a feminine touch so it won’t go out of style. It definitely adds style and uniqueness to the typical bomber jacket that’s everywhere.

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