Dear Fashion Kitty, Green Flats

So a while ago I bought a pair of really cute green flats (not lime green but not a dark green, somewhere in between). I was really excited about them because I was looking to add some edge to my wardrobe but now I have no clue what to wear them with!

I don’t have that much green in my closet as it is so I’m looking for an outfit that’s easy and cute that will finally let me wear these flats!! I’m pretty sure I came to the right person for the job 🙂

I had like way too much fun making these outfits! All of the outfits I styled are with pants because I think flats with dresses and skirts can sometimes look sort of dumpy. Plus colorful shoes are great way to upgrade a basic casual outfit.

I am really loving this first outfit, it’s great for the weekend. It takes a pair of boyfriend style jeans, a basic white tunic and goes a little crazy with your fun flats and a statement necklace. You can be comfortable and stylish in this outfit … always a good thing.

The next outfit is a fun date outfit mainly because the dark wash skinny jeans make the look a little more evening appropriate.

I like this next look for a casual Friday at the office. Very put together while being a little fun with the purple tunic and complimentary green flats.

And finally, we have a little going out outfit. The black, white, and studs give it a rocker-girl appeal while the green flats give it that much needed punch of color. Great thing about going out in flats is that you can last a little longer than your heeled friends.

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  1. I just bought that Kenneth Jay Lane pyrmaid cuff, but in gold. Think it would still work with this outfit? i love it but not sure if the gold/green would be too luck o’ the irish… thanks!

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