Dear Fashion Kitty, Getting Out There

I’d love to get my leather work into the mainstream of fashion. Any advice?

Well, you start by showing it to us! Getting yourself out there is never easy but I can recommend a few things … – Show your products to bloggers: We bloggers do tend to get overloaded with pitches but if your stuff is actually cool then you should get a bit of traction there.

– Set up an Etsy shop: Etsy is a great place for indie designers to sell their products. They have a great community that is really supportive. Being on Etsy takes minimal effort and can churn out maximum results if you are lucky.

– Go to market and sample sale: Get a booth and start selling, you never know who will you meet at those events.

– Get your stuff photographed: Try sending your products to TV personalities and PR agencies. There is always a chance that your precious samples won’t get any camera time but if they do it can be huge.

Hope that was helpful. Good luck.

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