Dear Fashion Kitty, Diets and Stuff

I love your the updates on your latest diet or workout plan. I would love to see a review of a few of the things you’ve tried. S Factor always sounded so fun – but the circus training sounds amazing!!

Oh a review of all of the stuff I’ve tried — got 5 hours? LOL, just kidding. Let me see what I can remember. I’ll start with exercise and perhaps I will get into diet in a later post.

FashionKitty’s Exercise Trip Down Memory Lane

1.) Standard Gym Membership: That’s where it all started, a standard gym and a little motivation. I did cardio on the elliptical machine, some light weightlifting, and took classes like step aerobics and yoga. This worked marvelously but after I lost the weight I was looking to lose I got the hell out of that gym and looked to …

Steve Ross - Yoga

2.) Yoga: I LOVE yoga. It’s amazing for flexibility, mind, and helps tone your muscles in a killer way. My favorite is Ashtanga, which really uses those muscles. I also like any yoga that incorporates flow, that way you can burn some calories too. Just keep in mind that yoga isn’t for weight loss, not a lot of calorie burn involved.

3.) Pilates: I haven’t yet tried pilates on a machine but I do enjoy mat work pilates. This is a great workout option for toning abs and the rest of your body.

4.) S Factor: This is like my hands down favorite way to workout. For those of you who don’t know, it’s pole dancing. You burn a crazy amount of calories, tone your muscles, get to dress really hot, and you get to feel really great about yourself. I loved this class so much that I put a pole up in my apartment. If it didn’t cost so darn much, I would still be taking it today.

5.) Personal Trainer: I just recently stopped using my personal trainer but let me tell you something, it’s money well spent. It very beneficial for a professional to custom build a workout for you and make sure you are progressing properly. If you have the money, I say do it.

Sheila Kelley's S Factor | The S Factor Video Series (3 DVDs)

6.) Circus Class: Circus class is my latest workout and it rocks. You get to swing from a trapeze, climb silk ropes, and work on a variety of muscle toning moves. I have taken this class twice already and I love it. I especially love the fact that I get to wear leotards.

7.) Running: Before last week I never ran (only when chased) but now I am running every morning before work. It’s amazing cardio and makes me feel really energized before I head to the office. A cute pair of running shoes is next up on my shopping list.

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