Dear Fashion Kitty, “The City” Shoes

As a self-proclaimed shoe shopaholic I find myself in a fashion dilemma. Just recently a co-worker told me about the MTV show called “The City.” I’m just learning about the existence of the show and find myself really into it.

I was online Googling the actresses in the show and stumbled upon one of the promo pictures which I’ve sent you the link and attachment for. In it, Erin Lucas is wearing what I believe to be one of the hottest pink suede platform ankle boots that I’ve ever seen.

Do you have any idea which designer created this work of art?!!! I was thinking maybe Christian Loub? Am I correct? Please help me!

As much as it pains me, I might have to start watching “The City.” From what I am hearing from you all so far, the fashions are pretty hot. I was never impressed with “The Hills” and Lauren Conrad nauseates me to no end. But I digress …

Those are some hot little booties!! They definitely look like Louboutin’s but I am not seeing the signature red bottom in that picture and the heel is a bit thicker in the ones you are looking for. I did find you a cheaper option to hold you over while I continue to try to track down the exact pair. They are from Kenneth Cole and are only $159.

If anyone knows where the real deal booties come from, leave it in the comments section.

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