Dear Fashion Kitty, Black Rats

Great blog, but I wouldn’t be writing if I didn’t love it! So I have a few questions…

1.) Sass & Bide black rats… A friend gave me some she didn’t want, can I still pull these off or are they done?

2.) Next, over-the-knee boots I LOVE them, any suggestions, preferably a few cheaper suggestions ($200 or under) and a splurge($600 or under) as I can never have just one pair, and I love em in black and dark brown, suede and leather,and so on…

3.) Moving on… winter coats, I live in BC Canada, and it often hits -30c or below, so I want something stylish but warm!!

4.) And, last question, these pants Britney is wearing here, where can I get something similar (I love the rise!)?

Alright, that’s a lot of questions 😉 Let me see what I can do …

1.) Sass & Bide Black Rats: Yes, you can still wear them. They may not be as in demand as they were a few months ago but you can still wear them. I have a pair and I don’t plan on giving them up anytime soon.

2.) Over the knee boots: Totally hot, who doesn’t love over the knee boots. Here are a few that you may enjoy in all price ranges.

3.) Warm winter coats: If you aren’t opposed to fur, then I would go with that … they are the warmest. If not there are plenty of other options like wool or a puffer coat.

4.) Britney’s pants: Those are some sexy pants. If I had a place to wear them, I totally would.

I like these by Les Chiffoniers they are a bit pricey ($995) but dammit if they aren’t hot.

You can also go with something plainer (and cheaper) like these leather leggings from Blue Fly that are only $38.

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