Dear Fashion Kitty, Bald Babe

I recently completely shaved my head bald for a charity event. Since then I’ve been getting loads of compliments and the look has really grown on me so Ive decided to stay bald for a while. However my hair use to compliment my outfits but now that I’m bald some of my clothes just look wrong on me. I was wondering have you any advice on what clothes accessories I should invest in.

Um can I just say … Go girl!!! That is so completely awesome. Some days I want to just say fuck it and go completely bald but you did it for charity, much more admirable. The most similar experience that I can related to is cutting most of my hair off in September of 07 and being a bit confused by my wardrobe selections too.

The first thing to think about is what your look is showing off (besides your head.) You have totally cleared space on your neck, ears, and maybe chest (depending on how long your hair was.) So start there by buying great big earrings and statement necklaces. There is nothing more beautiful and model-esqe than a long and lovely neck accessorized properly.

You can also pay more attention to your makeup routine. Play up your eyes for sure and use lots of color. Remember that bald model episode of Top Model??

As for clothing, focus on necklines. You totally get to wear those high necklines that are so much fun. Those awesome puffed up shoulder that you see Christian Siriano and Betsey Johnson would be too much fun on you too.

Basically you are a bald-super-hottie who can now get away with some major fashion risks. So run with it girl!!

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