Yearly Archives: 2009

Finding Your Clothes in a Sea of Black

John Gripenholm photography Q- I notice you wear a lot of black in your wardrobe (as do I). The other day I was looking for one item in a sea of black and it took me half an hour to sort through my various blacks to find one black turtle neck. My question is this:…


Eco Beauty Queen: Natural & Organic Beauty

I never thought I would become an eco-chic kind of girl but lately I have been opening my ears and eyes and have learned that there is a lot of crap in beauty products. Not literal crap (well maybe there is), but chemicals that can cause some serious damage to your body. Up to 60%…


Advice on Starting a Fashion Blog

Alexander Wang SS/2010 – Fashion Copious Q- I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. I also read College Fashion. With your unknown, combined effort, I have been inspired to create a fashion blog. I was just wondering how you got started and if there’s any tips or tricks to the trade other than…


The Latest Assistant Stylist 101 Posts

> Keep Your Sexy Back – How to appropriately dress on set > Rules to Live By– The top 3 rules to keep you employed as an assistant stylist > Irons are So Old School– How to properly use a steamer > Awe Snap Some Photos (part 2)– How to take styling credits on a…


Great Quote from Tom Ford

Hate to admit it, but its kinda true … ” I think people who are attracted to the fashion industry and people who are really insecure and looking for a certain identity. I think that’s initially how people are attracted to it.” — Tom Ford (Interview magazine Dec/Jan 2010) PS- How badly do you want…


Ashley Greene’s Combat Boots

Q- Do you have any idea who makes these boots Ashley Greene is wearing?! I’ve searched high and low and I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve attached the picture to this email. A- Hmm, they look like the Rockford boot by MOMA for $435 to me. You can buy them online at or at…


Fashion Tips from Eric Daman

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Style My Dolce Vita Boots!

Q- I love your style and was hoping you could help me figure out how to wear these bad ass Dolce Vita boots. The only reason why I’m having trouble is because the ankle is not tapered like most ankle boots and I’m not sure how to rock ’em righteously. Thanks! A- OMG!!!!!! I LOVE…


How to Get Blake Lively’s Blazer Look

Q – I am obsessed with this outfit that Blake Lively is wearing. I absolutely love it, but I don’t really know how else I could incorporate that look into my closet. It’s kinda casual, but the blazer throws in a little formality. I was wondering if you could put together some outfits similar to…


How to Wear Fingerless Gloves

Q- I just bought these red, Deena & Ozzy, cut off finger gloves, but now I have no idea how to wear them. I attempted to wear them last night with a white long sleeve fitted tee shirt, destroyed light blue skinny jeans, grey glitter heel pumps, and a fitted black blazer but it looked…