Eclectic Threads Vintage Shopping Spree

As many of you know, I am in D.C. to visit my parents. I only here for five days and there is a lot to fit in. You know, people to see and places to go. One of the places that I had to hit was Eclectic Threads, which is my favorite vintage store in the whole wide world. I deliberately packed light so I could load up on some vintage goods and load up I did.

I am on bit of a hat kick lately so I needed to expand my hat collection. I got this sweetly awesome yellow fur hat from the 60’s. The hat is totally ridiculous but looks awesome on. So awesome that a school teacher who was shopping at the same time said I had to get that hat. I also got a leopard print bucket hat, very Edie. I didn’t stop there though, I also got a white turban and a green turban head wrap. I can’t wait to wear all of the fab new hats. I may never have to do my hair again 😉

Next was the fur, cause you know I am on a fur kick. I bought a black fox tail scarf and a wonderful lamb’s fur vest. I have been looking for the perfect fur vest for a while and I finally found it.

The last little gem that I found was a leather jacket. I have been on the hunt for a leather jacket forever. I got this one from the 70’s for a mere $40. It looks very Serena from Gossip Girl doesn’t it.

Check out some of my other finds from Eclectic threads here and here. Oh and here.

2 thoughts on “Eclectic Threads Vintage Shopping Spree”

  1. Great picks! Vintage shopping is always a lot of fun – sort of like treasure hunting. You never quite know the gems you’ll find when you begin the hunt!

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